(short answer is…you already know)

Sales is an opportunity to make your customers happy.

I have received this question, in the title above, often.

And of course you know what my short answer is already, I am sure.

However to explain why you should invest in yourself to learn how to sell, I will share some real questions and also provide some great reasons afterwards.


1. Do you have a business product or service you want to gain customers for?

2. Do you need a system to follow to help you grow your business?

3. Do you feel that sales is a skill you would like to have?

with no money, no team, and no backing…

Property of Southwest Airlines

Where do I start?

How about 1998?

I had just graduated college from the University of Texas at Austin.

I didn’t want to get into the “real world” so I decided instead to take on some “fun” jobs.

I was hired as a waiter at a golf resort in the middle of the Arizona desert for 2 months.

Following that short stint I learned about horses and was afterwards hired to give guests horse back rides through the Rocky mountains of Colorado. That lasted 3 months. What an experience that was!


(Works for normal relationships and also professionals ones too!)

Speaking is Empowering!

1. When you speak it’s only 2–5% of you. If you mess up, it doesn’t mean you are an entire failure it just means that you weren’t perfect in speaking and others see it as a small fraction of who you are fully. So don’t think you are a failure. Correct yourself and keep going.

2. Everyone wants you to succeed. Most people don’t want to see you fail when you speak to them or in public speaking. Remember that. They are rooting for you. Most people are not judging you.

How Sales Development Leads to Self-Development.

What I learned in 20 years of being in professional Sales…

Growth in Sales and Growth in Self
  1. Proactivity

In sales you won’t last long being reactive. You need to learn how to be proactive. You will think/sense what your customer would want beforehand so that you might offer ways to create fitting solutions for them in the future.

Researching proactively creative solutions for them, helps you move towards close faster.

Proactivity helps you in self development as well, by teaching you how to take action to make things happen the way you want them to.

You are not waiting on…

10 positive lessons I learned from the US Army Boot Camp.

When I was 17 I joined the army so that I could earn money for college. It was not for me (that’s a whole another article) however I learned a lot of great lessons from Boot Camp. Here are 10 in particular I learned which got me moving & springing into action which can help anyone use them to apply towards their own futures, today.

-You always wake up very early and within the first 4 hours you achieve more than most others will achieve all day. …

Sales is a great tool to use every day in every aspect of your life. I have been in sales for over 20 years and I have learned through minor and some major mistakes what to do and what not to do and what actually works vs what doesn’t work.

What you normally see online or in movies when it comes to a salesperson is not really what a real productive sales person is in real life. You might see the ego and the competition and the whatever it takes type of attitude, to close a sale (with ethics put…

Over the years, specifically the last 20, I have seen a big distinction between Leaders and Non-Leaders. It’s important to point out.

How to Lead

Humans have growth potential. If we are learning/growing, it helps to have leaders who empower others (the young, the new, the learning) after them with their experiences.

While everyone looks in and betters themselves, I believe leaders in outside society are important too. We have all seen or maybe worked with or for a leader and have also maybe worked with with or for a non-leader.

There is a difference. If the goal is to grow positively and…

Do you need to learn how to sell for some reason? This could help.

A story of getting into sales accidentally and the 5 Ps that helped me become an authentic leading sales and business development professional for the last 20 years.


My entire life I have somehow been in a sales function for my career. Every time I try to do something new, it doesn’t quite work out and I am put back into a sales role where I naturally excel. I was never proud of being a salesperson mostly because of the stigma of salespeople being annoying talkers who don’t listen and just like to hear themselves spout off at the mouth. …

Tarek Hassan

20+ year Leading Sales and Business Development Professional and Entrepreneur. Helping Others to JumpStart and to Sell Better! Inspiration and Motivation!

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